Why Reupholstery
Reupholstery & Cushion replacement service for Cheshire and Manchester

Why Reupholster?

  • Large choice of fabrics
  • You already know your furniture fits your room
  • You are recycling
  • Locally produced
  • You will own an individual piece of furniture
  • Hand finished upholstery

We're all familiar with this; the things we love eventually suffer the effects of time, but we can’t bring ourselves to part with them. Reupholstery gives you the chance to revive that beloved piece of furniture.

By reupholstering sofas, chairs and other pieces you can breathe life back into your cherished items and enjoy them for years to come. If you want to give your furniture the best possible treatment then using our specialist reupholstery service makes sense.

Our service comprises of a simple recover through to full structural repair of your sofa. You can take time in the comfort of your own home to choose from our large selection of fabrics before having your sofa reupholstered.

When we bring your furniture in it will be stripped and thoroughly inspected, If we find something that we didn’t know about at your house visit, it will be put right at no additional cost.

Next we will move onto lovingly rebuilding your furniture back to its original glory, with the final layer being your brand new fabric creating the finishing look before delivery.

With a huge proportion of new furniture being shipped in from the Far East re upholstery is an altogether greener option. Also re upholstery is roughly about half the price of a quality new sofa.

All our work is produced locally by our time served craftsmen.

Why Reupholster

Re upholstery or new?

If your furniture is looking a little tired and you’re thinking of something new, before you move online or head out to your local furniture retailer have you consider re upholstery? Re upholstery can, in many instances, prove to be the best solution. Re-upholstery is often a simpler process compared with the daunting prospect of trawling out of town stores hoping you are getting the right information and quality.

In many cases the furniture you bought in the past is much higher quality than most of the new furniture sold today. Older frames can be better quality and replacing them like for like is going to be an expensive process. With no measuring and knowing that your furniture already fits perfectly in your home, re-upholstery is definitely worth considering.