Foam Cushions
Reupholstery & Cushion replacement service for Cheshire and Manchester

Foam Cushions

Low maintenance

The vast majority of our customers choose this option. Other than occasionally turning your cushions, they require no daily maintenance. Now they will keep their shape and bounce for years to come. All our foam cushions are made individually so that every customer gets the very best result.

We have various densities to suit every situation and we can bring these samples to you for your perusal, in the comfort of your own home.

All about Foam

The Cheshire Upholstery company use a foam called Reflex this is made by Vitafoam who are one of the best manufactures in the Country. Reflex foam is renowned for its recovery after use and it maintains its shape and resilience for years to come. We offer four qualities – soft, medium, hard and superior quality for if you really want some luxury. We will come to you with our samples so you can test before purchase, this way you can be confident you have made the right decision.

The benefits of foam

  • Resilient interior that maintains its shape after use
  • You won't 'sink' into foam
  • Non-allergic
  • No daily maintenance required


This foam is best suited to large cushions that you want to replicate that feather or fibre cushion feeling.


This foam is suitable for many applications including sofa’s, chair’s, seat cushions, caravan bunks/seats, boats, camper vans, dining chairs and camper vans.


This foam is suitable for high use locations such as bars and hotels. Because of its dense nature this hard foam is recommended for older people or disabled people who might find it difficult getting on and off furniture.


With foam cushions we always fit stockinette. It eases fitting and also prevents wear to the foam and the fabric of the cushion case. Stockinette makes the foam slide into the cushion and the big benefit is that in the long term your cushions will retain their shape. During use, the foam and cushion case will move naturally against each other. Without stockinette the cushion case will in time ride backwards on your sofa, creating creasing and looking unsightly.


When we are replacing with foam cushions in many circumstances we use a dacron wrap to our cushions. Dacron is a sheet of hollow fibre and is cut and glued and wrapped around each cushion. In the right situation dacron gives the cushion a full swell and a extra layer of softness on sitting.

Bespoke cushions made for you


Expert Advice

We are committed to getting the right cushions for you. If you have any questions just drop us a line by email or phone, we are happy to help.

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