Water Clean Upholstery Fabrics

With huge developments in nanotechnology, fabrics are changing. We all know that sinking feeling when you spill that glass of wine on the sofa. Well good news those days are over.  I am pleased to say we can now supply fabrics that don't need to be dry cleaned or washed. It's a simple process of dabbing the stain with water and gently wiping off. 

We Recommend


Water Clean Upholstery Fabrics, Can Protect Against

Pet Stains

Red Wine






Ballpoint Pen


What is a Water Clean Upholstery Fabric?

Water clean fabric is a cutting-edge fabric protection that covers every fiber of the upholstery fabric with a invisible molecular layer that stops grime from penetrating the fabric 

To Clean Simply Follow These Steps

! / Remove any excess residue

2 / Apply a small amount of water to the stain with a damp cloth and let it sink in for a few moments.

3 / Press down on the stain with your damp cloth then rub carefully in small circles and repeat the process to the stain is gone



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