Reupholstery or New, Which Should I do?

If you sofas and chairs or looking a bit sorry for themselves maybe its time to consider buying new furniture or reupholstery, but how do you decide which to do? I have written this little guide to help. Firstly neither is cheap so it's worth spending some time thinking about your options and your choice can depend on several factors.

Good Reasons to Buy New 

There are plenty of good reasons to buy new

1/ Many retailers offer credit

2/ You may want to change the style of your sofa

3/ Change how many seats you have

4/ Simply buy one from the shop floor and have it delivered immediately. 

Distinctive Piece or Antique 

If you are lucky enough to own a classic piece of upholstery which you have already invested in, such as Hans Wegner, Robin Day or Duresta Also maybe its over fifty years old throwing one of those away would be difficult, so committing to the cost of reupholstery is a sensible choice.  

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In a world that is moving quickly, reupholstery is diffidently the greener option. Your old sofa will not find its way to landfill and you won't be buying a new one. We all increasingly want to find ways of doing our bit.

Plus a huge amount of upholstery is being imported from the furthest parts of the world.

If it's a Cherished Item

Furniture really is something that people like pass to their children and if you have that special little chair that your father used to sit in, it's a wonderful thing to do. This is one of the most pleasurable parts of our job. We have rejuvenated many family heirlooms over the years.


A Good Frame is Everything !

Well built furniture is worth reupholstering.The quality part of the furniture trade likes to use beach wood to make the sofa frames. However over recent years many manufactures have been looking at ways to reduce costs and plenty of company's are using cheap materials such as chipboard, which obviously has a finite life. So if you and a sofa that is ten or fifteen years old, it's probably got a good frame and worth considering the investment. However your money would be wasted reupholstering something, which is poorly constructed.


Most of my customers are very pragmatic and they know this isn't going to be cheap, but taking just one visit round furniture showrooms, it doesn't take long to realise that buying quality new furniture, REALLY isn't cheap, so reupholstery of quality furniture is the more cost effective option. And if I am honest that is why we have a business. Click here for a simple guide to our reupholstery prices.


At the Cheshire Upholstery Company, we pride ourselves on knowing fabrics. We put a tremendous amount of effort selecting designs and textures from Brittan's leading suppliers that can fit into today's contemporary environment. Getting the right fabric on the right model is key to the success of your finished furniture and we are happy to take as much time as it takes with you to get it right. 

When we come to visit we bring a sizable collection for you to pursue and you can select any combination from any supplier to create your own bespoke look.



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