Before and After for Upholstery

Before and After for Upholstery

During the spring of this year I was asked to call to a farm in Cheshire, only to be asked to go outside to a barn to see a sad looking chair. My customer had lovingly brought it all the way backs from South Africa, to have it renovated. A tall order considering the damage it had sustained. But when you look closely you can see the exposed frame is made from hardwood and is tremendously we built. And well worth reupholstering.

We always like a challenge, so a couple of months later we set to work on the chair stripping it back down the frame to the timber, then replacing with new foam and next we covered the chair with a soft brand new chenille and finally re filling the cushions with fiber and foam. Two weeks later our customer took delivery of a brand new comfy chair, with a great story.  

I think we have all driven past disheveled furniture, sadly discarded by the roadside, which looks similar to this. I wonder how much could be restored to as good as new?

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